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Technical Diving Classes and Fees:

Cavern Diver course.  $400.00  (2-3 days). This course leads to certification as a cavern diver. The cavern course is considered by most to be the foundation for all cave training. Your standard/basic open water gear is all you need to enroll in this class.

Intro/Basic Cave Diver course. $400.00 (3 days). This course leads to certification as an intro or basic cave diver. Intro cave diver course is a single tank program. Basic Cave is a double tank program and leads to a cave certification for diving doubles in the cave environment. (Can be completed in single tank with H valve)

Cavern/Intro/Basic Cave Diver course.  $700.00 (5-6 days). This course leads to dual certification as a cavern and intro/basic cave diver.

Cave Diver course.  $400.00 (5-6 days). This course lead is for Full cave certification. 

Cavern & Basic Cave with Advanced Nitrox Decompression Procedures Course   $950.00  (7 days) This is one of our most commonly requested courses. There are 14 dives required at a minimum in order to complete this set of courses. All divers must be certified at least to the Advanced Open water level and nitrox prior to participation in this course.

Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedure     $500.00
(4 days) 1 full day of classroom and 3 days of diving for 6 dives minimum. These are actually 2 separate courses and can be taught separately but they mesh very well being taught together.

Entry Level/Normoxic Trimix $800
(4-5 days) 4 dives minimum. Prerequisites: Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures and/or Extended Range.

Advanced/Full Trimix     $950    (4-5 days) 4 dives minimum. Prerequisites: Entry level/normoxic trimix.

Guided Trips, Recreational Diving & EFR Class Quoted at time of request                                                                                                        



* Student is responsible for own lodging, breathing gas fills, site entry fees (if any), & books.

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